Todd Lentocha

Traumatic Brain Injury:
Living With A New Normal

Author - Speaker - Trauma Survivor

Marine Veteran - Retired Police Officer

Husband - Father


Todd's Survival Story

On January 4, 2012 shortly after midnight, Officer Todd Lentocha was performing a voluntary burglary surveillance detail while working as a police officer in East Hartford, CT. Todd’s vehicle, stopped on the shoulder of Route 2, was struck from behind by a truck traveling at a high rate of speed.

As a result of the accident, Todd sustained  serious, life-threatening injuries and was in a coma for weeks. Although he recovered from many injuries, his eyesight was permanently damaged. This voluntary detail was just a small example of his dedication to serving our his community.  Todd lost his career, but gained valuable insight:  


Officer Down, Man Up

Former U.S. Marine becomes a police officer and, after five years of service, is blinded in the line of duty. Read how Todd Lentocha has faced traumatic brain injury and permanent blindness with humor, determination and support from his loved ones.


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