Writers Digest Book Review

Recently Writers Digest reviewed ‘Officer Down, Man Up’. below is the judges commentary:

I liked the way the author started his memoir by demonstrating his rotten attitude as a teen and his rebellion against his parents and society by joining the Marines. It is a beginning that will warm the heart of other Marines, as anyone who is related to one will attest. Still, Todd Lentocha struck me from the beginning as an unusual guy, loving boot camp, for instance.

While the extent of his tragedy is difficult to read about when the reader considers that this individual laid everything on the line for the safety of society, it is also information that needs to be out there. People will not appreciate what they have unless they know about the sacrifices being made. Ignorance breeds complacency. I appreciated this book from that perspective as well as from a psychological point of view. How Lentocha manages the rest of his life will be as influential to everyone he knows and all who hear of him as how he dealt with criminals as a police officer.

Readers are likely to find the writer as interesting as I did. I liked his admission of his bad moods and his depression. I hope he follows this book up with a sequel, and I think other readers will wish the same. My bet is that this high-stakes achiever will find something further to write about. Officer Down, Man Up is aptly titled, well written and formatted.

The cover picture is of a mangled car that no living human would be expected to emerge from. I am glad to have had the honor of reading this memoir.