I am sick and tired of people across this state of Connecticut and this great country criticizing both President Obama as well as Governor Malloy. Listen to me, people, these are two very busy men. I can assure you that they don’t have time to plant their butts in front of a television, listen to a radio, read a newspaper nor consult a news app on their smart phone. How exactly do you think they can know what is going on in the world? Their reality bears no resemblance to the reality in the rest of the world. How can it? They enjoy a bubble of security of law enforcement officials willing to risk their lives in order to guarantee their safety. Never mind about these men and women who would do such a crazy thing. I mean, they are just cops after all. Who really cares about them? Probably only their families or those looking for help from a dangerous criminal assaulting them. That’s what cops get paid for. Right?

Since the attacks in Paris, I have been intrigued to hear some of these men’s responses to this tragedy. I think the President’s incompetence speaks for itself. What I found very interesting is Governor Malloy’s adamant refusal to take into the account the safety of Connecticut. I heard him on the news last night talking down to reporters who questioned the logic of letting countless refugees into the state. Surely we don’t have enough psychos walking around killing people in this state and in other parts of the country?  And it’s possible that we need more? Oh and by the way, if you make it harder for people to legally purchase a firearm in order to protect themselves from these people, all the better. Of course, the problem here is that we don’t have enough of these people.

I know the reasoning behind these assertions by our politicians that these refugees will be properly vetted. Who do you think they are kidding? Recently, “Sixty Minutes” ran a piece looking into the vetting of people for security clearances and how defunct the system is. How exactly are we going to vet refugees? Are we going to send ICE agents and FBI agents knocking on doors in war torn Syria asking their former neighbors about the character of the people trying to come into our country? Are the agencies going to purloin information from bank or computer data bases in an anarchical state? There is simply no possible way of truly vetting people from this area of the world. Absolutely no way. Those who tell you different, either don’t know what they are talking about, or they are lying to you.

If the reports that a high percentage of these refugees are single, military-age males, we have a major problem.  With hundreds of thousands of these people fanning out across the globe, I can’t help but see this as less of a refugee crisis and more of an invasion. MSNBC’s Chris Mathews has a novel idea: Why don’t we take these military-age males, train them, and teach them to take back their own country? Doesn’t this seem like the right thing to do?

To President Obama, you might want to get your head out of your ass. Put down your plans for your Presidential library and concentrate on protecting the American people. Governor Malloy, you may want to stop spending hundreds of millions of dollars on bus terminals and bus-ways that virtually no one will use. Instead, here is my suggestion: hire more cops because your policies are sure to get a bunch of people killed. While you are at it, why don’t you start using taxpayer money to help take care of people who need taking care of, namely the developmentally disabled.

My family and I recently had the privilege of spending time in France, and Paris in particular was the highlight of our trip. Paris is a great place and it truly breaks my heart to see so many families whose lives have been changed forever. When the President of France comes out and says that this is an act of war, I can’t see how this can be argued against. Some idiots will try, and shouldn’t be listened to. I really don’t care what title they hold or were elected to.

That’s all for now.