Magoo Moments: Tracy Morgan

Normally I have reserved this area of this site for light hearted content such as Magoo Moments and for audio books that have made an impact on me. Informative and hopefully uplifting notations. There will be times, and this is one of them, when I will feel the need to talk about something that I just can’t get out of my mind.

The other day I listened to an interview Matt Lauer had with the actor/comedian, Tracy Morgan. I was moved by the sincerity and caring that Matt showed and the profound sadness that Tracy was feeling. (For those who aren’t aware, Tracy and his friend were involved in a horrible traffic accident in which Tracy was severely injured and his friend was killed.)

As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, I can sympathize with Tracy’s long recovery but I cannot know his loss. Unfortunately there are no words that can help a person suffering from the pain of losing a loved one. Only time will do that. As for the physical healing, well, to be completely frank, that will be much easier to overcome.

What struck me about this interview was the glimmer of strength Tracy showed when he told Matt that he would, at some point, be that guy who will make others happy. I believe he will do just that, I really do.

Such an injury is a life-changing event that impacts not only the person who sustains it, but also all those who love you and care for you. It truly is a life-altering experience for the entire family. How you handle it will also impact your family. You can lie down and say, “no mas” or you can keep fighting. You keep fighting, Tracy Morgan. Keep healing. Keep getting better. Mourn your friend whom you so obviously loved. Just get better and, I assure you, that in itself will make people happy.