Magoo Moment: Meandering Magoo Tries Facebook

Alright people, let’s just say that the Meandering Magoo has been up to some interesting hijinks. Are you ready? No? Well ok. How about now? Ok, here we go.

So, back when I could see, I stayed away from social media. There was no particular reason for this, other than to admit that I really wasn’t interested. My world was pretty interesting without all that surrounds social media.

Well let’s advance a few years and I wake up from a prolonged coma and can’t see a lick. When this happens, one’s world definitely shrinks some.  So I decide to write a book. Writing was the easy part. Marketing and selling such a thing, on the other hand, is a whole other ball game. Enter Facebook.

In order to network, I entered into the social media fray. Utilizing the voice-over device on my Iphone, I was able to maneuver around Facebook, all by myself. Yea, uh, oh. You see where I am going here?

What I did not know was that when you friend request someone, that person’s friends become possible friends for you. So for a few weeks, I am friend requesting and accepting from everyone. Until one day this happens:

“Uh, Dad?” Says my sixteen-year-old daughter.

“Yes,” I respond, cheerily.

“You’ve got some strange friends.”

With a raised eyebrow and curiosity along with some trepidation, I ask, “Oh?”

“Dad, there are women posting naked pictures of themselves. At least I think they are posting pictures of themselves. These pictures could be of anyone, really.” And then she asks, “Do you want me to delete the pictures and the person from your friends list?”

Mmm, well, since I can’t see these pictures, I think…. Then I say out loud, “Oh yes. Get rid of that trash right now.” And she does, along with a bunch of other things she found questionable. Not before she tells her mother who, by the way, berates me with mild amusement.

Fast forward a few weeks and the instructions I had received from both wife and daughter (“Don’t friend anyone you don’t know!”) seemed to be forgotten by Moi. Alison asked, “Have you been fooling around on Facebook again?”

I respond, “Maybe.”

My wife gets a little heated. “What in the world would make you friend request a person named Nikki Blue?”

“Well, she is an author. I am networking,” I say defiantly.

“She is an author for a blog, so you are right about that.”

“See,” I say with some satisfaction.


“Oops,” is all can I say. “Probably should delete that one as well,” I offer helpfully.

So there is a reason I share this Magoo Moment with you. If you find yourself on my Facebook page and some wild stuff comes up, remember, a blind guy is maintaining this page. I cannot be held accountable. Not legally, I’m pretty sure.

Now another piece of business. There will be extended times that I will not blog. There are many reasons. The last reason I have missed nearly a month was for vacation. We went to the British Isles, France and such. It was good and I gathered quite a bit of material for my next book. Not the entire reason but for me the most effective reason for spending an ungodly amount of money to visit a place I can’t see. The goal is: how do I make this experience entertaining? I am working on that.

Feel free to contact me with helpful suggestions. Later.