Audiobook Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Have you ever dreamed of finding a pile of money? The pile of gold at the end of the rainbow that will solve all your troubles? Of course you have. This isn’t a unique concept. Hell, I can’t count how many times I have hoped this would happen to me.

There have been other books written on this very subject. That’s okay, really, because this “winning the lottery” scenario just sounds so cool. I actually know a guy that this sort of thing happened to. Not a hundred dollar bill blowing around a sidewalk kind of a thing but a real find. I am not completely clear on all of the details but the amount found was in the thousands, like nearly six figures, or so I am told.

So this begs the question, what would you do? Really. Forget the hypothetical here. Think about it for a minute. No big ideas? Don’t feel bad. I would have figured out a way to keep it as well. The guy I am talking about didn’t but that is something he has to live with. I can tell you with some amount of certainty that not only would I have kept the loot but just about every friend I have would have kept it as well. I mean, no law was broken here. You didn’t steal anything. You FOUND the money.

I have always liked Stephen King. The dude is a friggin genius. Some literary snobs out there would disagree and that is ok. For me and for most writers, success is much more important than awards. I think that more than one writer would quietly admit that they too wished that they enjoyed that sort of success. I know I would.

Ok, you probably have figured out the premise of this book. No, I am not going to tell you that King has reinvented the wheel or anything, but Finders Keepers is downright entertaining. It was really great. Not only were the characters great but for the writer in me, it stirred up the creative juices. For you writers out there, I bet it will for you as well.

The premise of a kid finding money is not new, nor is the bad shit that happens at the end of the book. It is the story that happens in between that is interesting.

Since this blind guy can only read and blog on audio books now, I don’t know how Finders Keepers reads, but I will tell you that audio book is first rate. The narrator, Will Patten, is a well know actor. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he was Bruce Willis’s best friend in the movie “Armageddon”. (Of course he has been in a lot of things but that is the one that comes to mind here.) He knocked this one out of the park. A good narrator can make a book more enjoyable. The ability to change voices for different characters and to inject feelings and empathy in the characters is the hallmark of a good narrator of an audio book. Not everyone can do it but Mr. Patten did.

So if you are one of those people who make your living driving across this country and are sick of listening to talk radio, buy or rent this audio book. You will love it.