AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: “Never Broken: Songs are Only Half the Story” by Jewel

For those of you have been visiting this blog let me thank you. I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy it. Second, this book is a little different than some of the books I listen to. I do like to change things up a bit.

Part of the audio book experience is the narrator’s voice. A great book can be read by a narrator you just can’t envision reading it, and this will absolutely ruin the story for you. So before you buy an audio book, make sure you listen to the preview. It will help you save time and money. Now the flip side of this reasoning is just as true. A mediocre book can be absolutely delightful with the right voice. This is just one of those books.

I am not going to say that this book is mediocre. In fact Jewel’s life is anything but. It is very interesting. If you do have healthy eyes, don’t read it; listen to it. Jewel is the narrator.

Even though I love music I have never been a huge fan of Jewel. I mean I like her stuff. She has a beautiful voice and she is a talented song writer, which for me is a window into a person’s intellect. But I love Jewel’s narrating voice. I was actually sad when the book ended. She sounds like an angel. I know some people throw this around but it is true. I just fell in love with her voice. It is truly unique–sweet, with just a twinge of sad. Yet it is not depressing at all. Probably because she is such a tough person– hardscrabble and perseverant. Smart and Hardy. I just wish I was smarter so that I could come up with more adjectives to describe her.

So, don’t read her book. Listen to it and fall in love with that voice. It is a voice that seems to always be singing to you. Enjoy.